How to dress the cylindrical grinder on the grinding wheel


2022-06-01 15:53

Most cylindrical grinders place the part and the wheel on a level line. The highest point of the outer circle of the part and the highest point of the outer circle of the grinding wheel is called the contact point of the part/grinding wheel, and the diamond dressing tool should dress the grinding wheel as close as possible to the contact point of the part/grinding wheel. For grinding wheels for internal grinding machines, it is more important to dress the diamond dressing tool close to the highest point of the outer circle of the grinding wheel (that is, the part/wheel contact point when grinding holes).
1. Take micro trimming
In order to reduce the trimming time, there always seems to be a kind of confusion that you want to choose a larger trimming depth. This is a wrong idea. Select the most suitable dressing depth to dress the grinding wheel. Choosing a dressing depth that is too large will result in high cutting temperatures, reduce dresser life, and remove useful layers of the grinding wheel. The end result is damage to both the dresser and the wheel, which is counterproductive. The best dressing amount is to restore the geometric shape of the grinding wheel and produce a good grinding edge after several times of trimming. When using a single point dressing tool, the diameter of the grinding wheel should be contacted at an inclination angle of 10-15° to the axis line. This will cause the single point dressing tool to have a sharpening effect when periodically turned. Trimming tools with multi-point contact do not need to be tilted by this angle. Instead, use the entire end face of the dressing tool in contact with the wheel surface.