Features of Grinding Wheels


2022-06-01 15:53

When it comes to grinding wheels, many people have seen them. They are mainly used in hardware and furniture industry, automobile and shipbuilding industry, casting industry, machinery manufacturing industry, mold manufacturing and other industries. So what are its characteristics?
1. The grinding discs of the grinding wheel are not stuffed, and can exert good grinding and cutting efficiency.
2. The moderate softness of the grinding disc is suitable for grinding and cutting operations in arc-shaped work.
3. While working, the burrs of the working surface are removed, and the working surface is smoothed.
4. The grinding wheel and grinding disc have the function of air cooling, which can significantly avoid the phenomenon of heating and scorching of the working surface.
5. Sharp, wear-resistant, no heat, no scorch, power saving, labor saving, time saving, high efficiency and economical and practical.
6. It meets the customer's requirements for non-standard customization, and can be customized according to the customer's drawings or samples, with guaranteed quality and reasonable price.